API Documentation

This is API documentation for ACH Banking API.
You can read here about the scheme of requests and responses for working with API, download PHP SDK, and see some code examples on PHP. Choose item which is interesting for you in left menu.


  • 04/14/2020

    Added methods for TLO (OATloSearchPersonalRequest, OATloSearchBusinessRequest, OATloGetLogRequest, OATloGetLogsRequest)

  • 04/01/2020

    Added methods for credit pulling (OAExperianSearchBusinessOwnerProfileRequest, OAExperianGetLogsRequest, OAExperianGetLogRequest)

  • 03/25/2020

    Added methods for working with documents (OAGetDocumentRequest, OAGetDocumentsRequest, OASaveDocumentRequest) and for creating Payment Profile + External Account at once from the ACH Authorization Agreement (OASavePaymentProfileAndExternalAccountRequest)